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We ask for a 24 hour notice for Water Turn On's and Water Turn Off's. 

The Village provides Water and Sewer services to most of its residents.

Garbage and Recycling is provided to all Village residents for $31.00 per quarter (Effective 4/1/2017).

Residents of the Village are also residents of the Pentwater Township and may use the Pentwater Township Transfer Station located just off Route 31, Pentwater's south exit next to the Trading Post.  For more information visit Pentwater Township website:  http://www.pentwatertwp.org/transfer-station.html.

Utility bills are mailed out quarterly as follows:

  • January 1 bill (for the period of October 1st - December 31st)
  • April 1 bill (for the period of January 1st - March 31st)
  • July 1 bill (for the period of April 1st - June 30th)
  • October 1 bill (for the period of July 1st - September 30th)


Garbage & Recycling Rate

Quarterly Service Fee....$31.00
(Effective on July 2017 Utility Bill)

2019 Garbage and Recycle Schedule
Recycling Quick Guide

Please review the Recycling Quick Guide from Republic Services.
NOTE:  If recyclables are NOT cleaned properly, they are put in the LANDFILL. 
In addition, ONE “uncleaned” recyclable contaminates the
entire bin of materials and ALL of it is put into the LANDFILL.
Thank You.

  Republic has delivered all 90-gal garbage totes. Homeowners are responsible for their own tote.

Contact Republic Waste for any issue related to the garbage totes at: 231-375-2085.



Village Water Rates

(Effective 4/1/2018)

Ready to Serve Charge per Quarter   $71.53
          First 15,000 gallons   $71.53
          Over 15,000 gallons   $2.86 per 1,000 gallons
Water Establishment Connection Fee (Effective 1/12/09)    
Meter Size    
          5/8" and 3/4"   $2,500.00
          3" and larger   $11,000.00
Water Replacement Tap Fee is 50% of Connection Fee
(Effective 12/1/2012)


Sewer Rates

Village Sewer Rate
(Effective 4/1/2018)

For first 15,000 gallons
Residential Service Charge per Quarter   $125.58
Commercial Service Charge per Quarter      $125.58
Over 15,000 gallons   $1.03 per 1,000 gallons

Township Sewer Rate
(Effective 4/1/2018)


South Side per Quarter      $231.75
North Side per Quarter   $262.65

 Village or Township Sewer Establishment Fee
(Effective 1/12/09)

Establishment Connection Fee        $4,000