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DDA Projects

Our Village Green is the center of the Village and often the center of Village events.  The DDA continues to work on beautification projects to ensure that our village center remains attractive and inviting.  Many of these initiatives came from the 2005 Downtown Economic Enhancement Study and the DDA 2013 Long and Short-Term Goals.

The members of the DDA Board work year-round on projects to promote and beautify the Village Business District.  We have been engaging in development activities since August of 1993 when the Village Council created the Pentwater Downtown Development Authority.

Hancock Street Holiday Decorations

The DDA team, with strong support from the Pentwater Service Club, assembled and enhanced the holiday pole decorations recently. The team was led by Mary Stiphany and Jilly Barnes who did the original design work and supply purchasing.  By purchasing and assembling the decorations we were able to have better decorations while reducing costs by over $10,000 (per-assembled decorations were reviewed but were to pricey).  The assembly team's efforts are on display thanks to efforts of the Village Crew on two chilly days.  New lighting was also added to the trees at the top of the Village Green.  The Pentwater Service Club helped move tables out of the Village Marina Gazebo so Jack Witt and Snug Harbor Crew could add new decorations this year.  Decoration assembly pictures are show below.


Chris (left) and Dean (right) are on both the DDA Pentwater service club members.  They are shown here doing initial assembly of greens. 
Claudia, a new DDA member adds lighting to a pole decoration while several Pentwater Service Club members are in the background working on greens assembly.



Two architectural, concrete, planters were purchased and installed this summer on the street level patio area atop the Village Green steps.  Planters were added to bring color throughout the summer and fall and will enhance the overall appearance of the Village Green.  It is used for many weddings and by thousands of visitors each year.

The planters were placed to the right and left of the stairs to the Green to accentuate and frame our Green and band shell, yet enable snow removal.  The current Green watering system will be extended to ensure plants get sufficient water and to eliminate regular watering by hand.

One of the new planters i pictured below.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

The DDA helped purchase the Kubota tractor for clearing sidewalks downtown.  The allocation was $25,000, to be paid over five years, with the final payment made in 2015.

Our Kubota snow blower has made sidewalk snow removal much easier and faster, and made our downtown sidewalks much safer enabling better access to all of the merchants.



We fly our colorful banners with pride demonstrating many of the points of interest and activities in the village.  The banner design designs are the product of Janet Webber's talents and we thank the village crew for their ongoing maintenance work to keep them in place and replace them as needed.  New, larger designs are in the works.

Other Projects
  • Our biggest single project to date was the addition of public restrooms near the Village Green.  The DDA spent over $100,000 to purchase a condo space in the Hancock Building and then hired engineers and contractors to completely renovate it into public restrooms that are open year round.
  • Conducted a Downtown Economic Enhancement Study - 2005 - being used to guide DDA Projects.
  • Installed signs to local points of interest - e.g. Channel Lane Park.
  • Obtained the grants to fund the 3rd Street Dinghy Dock and 4th Street fish pier.
  • Added picnic areas to the Dinghy Dock and 4th Street fishing pier.