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DDA Board

Members of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) are all volunteers from the community who enjoy civic work.  Board Members donate their time on projects to improve and promote the Downtown District.

Listed are the members of the DDA and the expiration of their appointed terms.



Term Expires:  


 Vice Chair
Doug Osborn
Term Expires:  November 23, 2019


Jack Witt
Term Expires:  October 11, 2021



Term Expires:  
  Terri Lambrix
Term Expires:  July 25, 2020
Chris Dunn
Term Expires:  October 13, 2018
  Claudia Ressel-Hodan
Term Expires: November 2021

Term Expires: 
  Crystal Babbin
Term Expires:  January 1, 2020
Buz Graettinger
Term Expires:  December 9, 2019


Village President
Jeff Hodges