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About Us

The Downtown Development Authority meets on the second Wednesday every even month at 8:30 AM in the Pentwater Village Community Hall.  The public is always welcome and time is allotted for public comment.

The duties of the Downtown Development Authority is to:

  • Prevent deterioration in the business district,
  • Encourage historic preservation (Design Advisory Guidelines),
  • Authorize the creation and implementation of business district development plans, and
  • Promote the economic growth of the business district.

In August 1993, the Pentwater Village Council voted to enact the Downtown Development Authority Ordinance #145 to establish the DDA with this statement of purpose:  "The purposes of the authority is to implement Act 197 of the Public acts of Michigan of 1975, as amended, including, but are not limited to, the correction and prevention of deterioration in the downtown district, the creation and implementation of development plans in the downtown district, and the promotion of economic growth therein."  Since the, volunteer board members from the village have been working to ensure that our community stays health and vibrant.

The Pentwater Downtown Development Districts was defined by the Pentwater Village Council Ordinance # 145 of 1993 to encompass the following area:

All property zoned commercial with the exception of any property zoned commercial that is presently used for single family residential included in the area along Hancock Street are included.  For precise identification of the DDA district, see the Development District Map or read the area description in the Pentwater Village Council Ordinance # 145 of 1993 and Title Eight - Chapter 280 Downtown Development Authority.

If you have any questions, contact the DDA Chairperson:  Claudia Ressle-Hodan Psy. D. at DDA@pentwatervillage.org.